Report from the Recent ITTT Forum

On May 12, 2015 we held the second session of the ITTT and it was a great one!

After Yoni opened the session, I gave a talk presenting my vision of how technical writers can make themselves more valuable and advance our role in the hi-tech industry. This was followed by lively discussions in small groups in which the participants, triggered by provocative questions, brain-stormed various aspects of advancing tech writers to the next level and beyond.

Yoni and I would like to thank:

  • Our friends at HP for hosting the recent meeting of the ITTT forum
  • All of those who joined us and participated in a lively session. We had deep, intense discussions about the future of Technical Writing in Israel and ideas about how technical writers can do much more than increase their job-security, but rather, become key players in Israel’s hi-tech scene.
  • All of YOU who plan to become active in the ITTT and contribute to the future of technical writing in Israel.

Our next session will be in October, 2015 and in the meantime, we’d very much like to keep up our activity by:

  • Getting YOU to contribute a short piece to the ITTT blog; please write to us with any idea you have for a piece or if you’d like us to suggest something
  • Growing our Facebook group – please join us!

Click to see the presentation given by Eli Jacobs

Eli Jacobs TWs Thriving in 2020

What Do Tech Writers Really Want?
What Do Tech Writers Really Want?

And here are some of the presentations given by representatives of the brainstorming groups:

Laura Novich presented her group’s vision of the dream job for a technical writer

A Tech Writer’s Dream Job


Yehoshua Paul’s group discussed how a tech writer can be known in her/his company simply by their first name. This was a follow-up on the idea presented by Eli Jacobs that titles (Tech Writer, Tech Communicator, Information Engineer, etc!) don’t matter and that really key players at hi-tech companies are simply referred to as: Shira, Yossi, Rachel, Oren and so on.

Tech_Writer: How to Become Someone


Looking forward to interesting, meaningful discussions – here on this blog, and on the ITTT Facebook group.

See you all soon!

Eli Jacobs


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